With the development of technology, more and more people now have smart homes.

Not long ago, smart homes and home automation were only available to the rich. Remember the Jarvis Butler in the Iron Man movie?

The curtains open automatically, let the sun wake you up, tell you today’s weather and schedule, this was the life that countless people dreamed of.



Today, customers throughout Malaysia can enjoy this life easily and comfortably.

Alex Smart Home, so simple, we set up smart homes and various home automations for you.

Make Smart Home Project

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Smart Home. Whole West Malaysia is available booking now!

Here are some guidelines for smart homes, and at the same time, this also explains why we should choose Alex Smart Home.

Privacy Control

Local server in your home, all privacy control by yourself.

Long Warrenty

We provide long warrenty, low cost but save your time.

Link Everything

Link every brand smart thing together, upgrade without replace.

Only Offical Apps

Control your home by apple google, alexa. Don’t trust any smart manufacturer apps.

First, the most important thing, privacy and security, privacy and security, privacy and security.

Living in modern society, you will have countless opportunities to leak your privacy. Various apps collect your privacy, every web page you click on analyzes your interests, and every shopping website collects your spending power. In google and facebook business empire, your user profile is a vital asset for them. This is why privacy and security are always the first things you need to pay attention to.

Alex Smart Home privacy policy:


  1. The Alex smart home service is designed to run locally. The Alex smart home server we give you runs directly on your local area network, and your privacy and security will be directly at your home.
  2. We do not access any of your private data. With the Alex Smart Home APP, only you can control your home. The APP does not request any special permissions.
  3. Only after your permission,, we will configure the connection between Alex Smart Home Server and Google, Alexa, Apple.
  4. For all China OEM products, we will cut off the connection between smart devices and China OEM factories and only run locally.

Local Area

Apps Control

Permission Link

Local Only


Second, stability and speed.

Why stability and speed are so important? You don’t want you to spend half an hour waiting for the light to turn off after you click to turn on the light. For example, now you can buy Xiaomi sensors from shopee and lazada. Because Xiaomi’s sensors need to be based on The cloud can work, which means that every operation and command needs to be connected from your home to Xiaomi’s server in China. This is why Xiaomi’s sensors are various times for loss of connection and slow operation. Equally important, there is stability. Perhaps, the Xiaomi sensor you bought has only a 50% chance of working properly. Are you willing to endure this?

Alex Smart Home Server:


  1. It is designed to run locally. This means that your instructions can be completed in your home’s local area network. You do not need to wait for instructions to connect to servers in other parts of the world.
  2. Stable, the probability of packet loss in the LAN is much smaller than the probability of packet loss in the WAN.
  3. Fast. It only takes a few milliseconds to control the device.

Third, customization

Everyone’s smart home is very personal. Your smart home is only for you. Your family habits and your usage habits mean that only you know how your home automation works.
Alex Smart Home customization:


  1. For the first installation, we will provide you with professional automation suggestions. For the first setup, all automations are free.
  2. After the installation is completed, adjust, we will provide a very cheap automation setting price. You can set up your home automation at a very low cost, as you want.


Fourth, local support.

You definitely don’t want the warranty and after-sales service of your purchased product to be in the U.S. or China. You have to wait a few weeks before sending the product back to the factory. Are you willing to tolerate this slow speed?
Alex Smart Home, local support throughout Malaysia, all Alex Smart Home packages will enjoy our 2 years of after-sales service. 2 years, only replacement without repair.


Fifth, all home appliances.

For a certain kind of home appliance, there are many apps or products on the market that can be controlled individually, but you really want your phone to be filled with various apps? Control the lights to use one app, control the air conditioner and use another app? Not to mention , Many companies that provide smart homes cannot support all functions.
Alex Smart Home:


  1. All functions of all home appliances are fully supported.
  2. 1 app, control all home appliances.


Sixth, budget and cost

Budget and cost are important factors when you consider the construction of a smart home. Buying expensive smart home appliances and throwing away the existing home appliances? An air conditioner can be used for more than ten years. Do you really want to throw it away and buy a new one just for smart control?
Alex Smart Home:
1, Upgrade instead of replacement. Existing home appliances, we can easily modify them to smart, just simple upgrades can become smart home appliances.
2, One-stop service, multiple supporting facilities, to meet your budget requirements.


Seventh, the cost of learning

For the elderly and children, the cost of learning is also a factor that you need to consider when building a smart home. How to make the smart home easy to use by everyone?
Alex Smart Home:


  1. 1 app control, full support for iOS and Google Play, clear and simple icons, easy to learn.
  2. Multi-language support, App supports Malay, Chinese, English, clearly understand.
  3. Voice control, only simple voice control, zero learning cost for the elderly and children


Eighth, unlimited possibilities for future upgrades

To build a smart home, an important foundation is to maintain the possibility of future upgrades. Many people will want to upgrade more smart devices after enjoying the convenience of a smart home. And this, only Alex Smart Home can do it.
Alex Smart Home Server:
1, Any Device, Any Brand, Any Model, can easily access our alex smart home server in the future
2, Continuity of usage habits. Because one app can cover all devices, it can still save the cost of learning in the future.


Alex Smart Home, enjoy the convenience of smart life.

Smart Home is for everyone and it shouldn’t be expensive.

Alex Smart home system bring you a new level of convenience & secured.
Wide range of devices can be integrated with our system in just a split second.
We provides:
Upgrade without replacing existing appliances.
Control by multi language.
Connect to more privacy.

We are working to offer a safe, comfortable & colorful lifestyle.

Managed Centrally

 Wirelessly Connects



Upgrade Only

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