Smart Home is for everyone and it shouldn’t be expensive.

Alex Smart home system bring you a new level of convenience & secured.
Wide range of devices can be integrated with our system in just a split second.
We provides:
Upgrade without replacing existing appliances.
Control by multi language.
Connect to more privacy.

We are working to offer a safe, comfortable & colorful lifestyle.

Managed Centrally

 Wirelessly Connects



Upgrade Only


All appliances can be linked in one device and work together as one. Control all the appliance anywhere and anytime.


alex smart home voice control
Voice Control, Free Your Hands.

Voice Control

When you busying cooking, just voice control turn on light. Nobody understands you better than yourself.

Alex Smart Home app control
Apps Control, One Way to Control All.

Apps Control

Difficult to find the switch when you walk into a dark room? Just use your phone to turn on the light.

Automation Control, One Thing Need to do is Enjoy.


No Stress, No Mess. Free your hands. Just a movement, Automatic to control all the appliance.

Alex Smart Home scene
Scene Control, Once Setted, All Appliances Control.


Various smart scenes just in one words: “ I am home”, and etc,  all appliances automatic setted for you.


Android? iPhone? Mac? No worries, Alex Smart Home here to help you linked to your phone apps.
Intelligent automation without any program working by yourself. Simple yet convenient to let you enjoy a real SMART HOME.

Make Smart Home Project

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Smart Home. Whole West Malaysia is available booking now!



Contact us now, we will give you a free measurement and advice for your home.

We are working to offer a Comfortable Smart Home in 2-3 days installation only.

Only three step away:

Step 1
Contact us, planing your home visit date or our sample house visit date.
Step 2
Make decision about your smart home installation plan.
Step 3
Really installation in your home. Most times it will finished in 2-3 days.

Smart Lock System

Smart Gate Lock, Smart Alarm System, Protect Your Family

Multi Package Options

Multi Installation Package Opentions, Better Meet Your Needs

Security And Privacy

No Third Party Apps, Respect Your Security And Privacy

Technical Support

Long Term Technical Support, Meeting your future needs

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