Easy Control Smart CCTV Camera

Alex Smart Home help you easy control all CCTV Camera in your home.

By Voice? By App? By Scenes? By Automation? All Can!

One More Thing, we can also upgrade only, not replace. That means lowest cost price.

Let your Traditional appliances suit our smart life. Just Enjoy!

Easy upgrading without replacing the original CCTV Camera.

Alex Smart Home can upgrade any brand any model CCTV Camera to smart.

Fully Function support without expensive charges.

works with homekit new

Works With Apple Homekit

Alex Smart Home Support “Hey Siri” to Voice Control your devices.

works with google assistant

Works With Google Assistant

Alex Smart Home Support “OK Google” to Voice Control your devices.

works with alexa new

Work With Amazon Alexa

Alex Smart Home Support “Alexa” to Voice Control your devices.

Easy Control

Voice Control, Apps Control, Automation, Scene to control Smart Home

alex smart home voice control
Voice Control

Use voice to cast your CCTV Camera on your Smart TV. Nobody understands you better than yourself.

Alex Smart Home app control
Apps Control

Want to check CCTV Camera when you outside? Just use your phone to see what happen in your home.


No Stress, No Mess. Free your hands. Just a movement, Automatic to control all the appliance.


Various smart scenes just in one words: “ I am home”, and etc,  all appliances automatic setted for you.

Scene Work With All Appliances

All appliances can be linked in one device and work together as one. Control all the appliance anywhere and anytime.

alex smart home movie time
Movie Time - Scene

All Lights Turn off, Turn on Projector & Aircon, Enjoy your movie like in cinema.

alex smart home movie time
Good Moring - Scene

Turn off all lights, Open Curtain, Let first moring sunshine wake up you.

good night
Good Night - Scene

Turn on Alarm, Turn off all lights, Turn on Aircon, Enjoy a sweet dream.

good night
Welcome Home - Scene

Turn on entrance light, Close curtain, Play music, Enjoy your sweet home.

Local Network - Fast Respons

Alex Smart Home will run in local network, That’s means really fast response time.

Local Network - Privacy Protect

Alex Smart Home will run in local network, That’s means no one can acess your data from cloud.
Protect your privacy.

Make Smart Home Project

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Smart Home.

Upgrade without Replacing!

Control by multi language!

Local network running!

Whole West Malaysia is available booking now!

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